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Take a detailed tour of the Travel Training Academy

In this 20 minute webinar you'll see the huge number of high quality interactive courses designed to support City and Guilds, NCFE, BTEC and SQA qualifications.


Let me tell you all about the amazing Learning Management System (LMS) we use to host the Travel Training Academy. In case you're wondering what on earth a Learning Managment System is, it's simply another term for a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Now, maybe you're really lucky, but the Virtual Learning Environments used in many colleges are not often the most user-friendly.

So, when we set out to find an LMS to host the Travel Training Academy, we knew EXACTLY what we were looking for. An LMS that was incredibly simple-to-use, robust and reliable. And, at TalentLMS we found it!

So, first up, your college gets its VERY OWN Travel Training Academy which is hosted on it's very own website.  

This means, the only people using this website are you and your students.

You are always in control

As a lecturer, you are an administrator for the site, so this means you get to oversee everything your students have (and haven't!) been doing plus loads of other really cool stuff!

 Now, if I was in your position, I'd be wondering to myself how much work is involved in the Travel Training Academy and I am here to assure you that's it's very limited indeed! 

 Your students create their own accounts. They can change their own passwords and usernames.  

All of certificates are available within the LMS, so no more printing for you- leave it all to your students!

There is even an option for them to upload their certificates to LinkedIn which is a great way of showcasing their talents. 

Talking of LinkedIn, our LMS has a huge range of badges available. Your students can access these badges from within the LMS, but they can also be uploaded to LinkedIn- cool huh? 

 And, are your students competitive in any way? You can encourage their competitive spirit as the LMS has gamification built in, so your students can battle their way to the top of the leaderboard- just like the do on their X-box! 


Your students can access all of their own infograhics, so they can see what courses what they have completed, what certificates they have been awarded and so much more.

training graphic

So, I suppose what we're trying to say is that you don't need to have any input at all if you don't want to- our LMS allows your students to be completely self-sufficient (and they can use our very friendly chat-bot if they get stuck!) 

 However, if you do want to get involved, there is plenty of scope to do so! 

 You can do everything a student can do (and you can even delete them!). You can check individual student reports to evaluate their progress, or you can look at overall course reports to see how the whole class are doing. 

 Or, if you've set them homework, you can go in and check if that's been done! 

 There is also the option to message individual (or a whole group of) students from within the LMS. 

 Is there anything this LMS can't do? 

 Well, it can't cook you dinner, but hopefully you can see what an AMAZING addition it would be to your classroom! 


I loved Learn2Check in- How the courses were different. Very good, the courses are extremely interesting.

Phoebelee Cogan

Really liked the Holiday rep course. Learning about being a rep I think this is a really good method of learning and happy to have completed a unit. I’m looking forward to completing more units throughout my college course!

Alexander Nicholas

Learn2becabincrew level 1 - I really liked learning about all the different job rolls of cabin crew and the different responsibilities aboard a aircraft. I am really enjoying every minute of learning every different unit

Demi-Ann ROWE

City & Guilds L3 Diploma in Travel & Tourism- I have enjoyed learning other aspects of the tourism industry such as holiday repping and cruising. It made me realise that there is more opportunities out there than just cabin crew so I have more of an open mind of other opportunities to take upon in this industry. I found the Travel Training Academy very helpful in many ways. It boosted my learning and defined the clear facts of what to do and not do in certain job roles. it is a great learning platform for this course.

Natassia Ive

I loved the how to be a holiday rep course.

Learning more about what the job covers so I feel more prepared

It's really good and has given me more of an understanding on everything I need to know

caitlin jade todd

Learn2CheckIn Level 1

I enjoyed being able to learn about the course I am taking and getting to see the sort of work that I will be doing.

So far I am really enjoying it and I am excited to see where it can take me.

Olivia Hull

I have just completed the holiday training academy course

I learnt about the different aspects and the job opportunities with benefits as holiday reps and found the courses very useful

Sasha Louise Bennett

During learn2 be a rep, I loved the scenarios

Really enjoyed doing the course at my own pace and even though we have done some stuff at college the course has given me a view of what the job is really like in resort

Natalie Christophi

Just completed Learn2CheckIn Level 2

The quiz at the end as a overall resfreser as I had stop and started the training

Easy and fun way of learning during this quarantine

Kimberley green

I have just completed learn to book hotels

What i enjoyed was the way you can leave and pick up where you left off when you join the next time

It is a really fun and simple way of learning

Ellie Cowell

I have just completed "Learn2BeaRep Level 1".

what I enjoyed most was the scenarios because it gave you a proper feel what it would be like to work as a holiday rep.

I think the travel academy is a really good online learning process and it very helpful and gives you a lot of different jobs you can do in the travel and tourism industry.

Rebecca Figg

I have just completed level 2&3 of Career planning for the Travel and Tourism Industry .

The way it is set up such as you learn pieces of information then get tested on what you have read .

I think it’s a good way to learn about the travel and tourism industry.

Brodie Allen

Just completed Learn to check in

What i enjoyed was how the things you learnt and needed to know for the questions were simple and well presented

It’s a really simple and effective way of learning more about travel

Ellie Cowell

Learn2checkin Level 1, level 2, level 3 Learn2becabincrew level 1, level 2 learn2bearep level 1

I really enjoyed the tests and quick courses, which enables me to learn at my own pace, gaining certificates for free

I think it is good for students to learn quickly and effectively gaining certificates to help with the future and job opportunities


I have just completed Cabin Crew level 1

I learnt things that I didn't know when i studied the course at college.

I think that it is really educational and that it can do students and learners a whole lot of good, i think the Travel Training Academy Certification will also come in good use when i go for the job of Cabin Crew

Keat Senior

Really liked Learn2CheckIn!

The practical element of checking in the passengers whilst learning.

Think it’s very unique compared to many online training courses and applies learning practically through check in’s.

Emma Howitt

Enjoyed Learn2checkin!

Easy to learn - everything is explained

Great way to learn, easy and simple especially in the current situations

Mia Richardson

Just finished the Holiday rep course.

Really enjoyed learning about the interview process as that was very helpful.

I think this is a very useful website and a good insight of the travel and tourism sector.


Completed Travel agent level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4

I enjoyed the range of questions and thought the courses were very good

Sophie Edmonds

I have just completed Travel Agent course.

What I enjoyed most was being able to learn more about the role of being a travel agent and learning more about package holidays and flight supplements.

I enjoy using the Travel Training Academy as it allows me to learn more about the career I would like to progress in on top of doing my course at college. It is also good as I have went over some things that I have already learnt in college but have forgot so I have recapped.

Bethany Richards

I completed the repping courses.

It was a different way of learning than using a book and notes it’s more interesting and it tests your remembering skills and it was fun

It’s a good way to learn using the internet

Seren Teesdale

Just complete the Airport check in courses.

It gave me an idea of how i can check passengers in and how to deal with multiple scenarios regarding different customers.

I think its fantastic and its giving young people a chance to see how working in the travel industry would be like. Its also giving us something fun to do in this pandemic.

Abigail Campbell

Loved the Holiday Reps course!

The amount of useful information it gives you about the job, works on helping you succeed your dream job in life!!

100% recommend, allows you to learn about different job roles within the travel industry and allows you to process to different stages. You are also able to learn the uniform standards for many travel industry jobs, therefore allowing you to gain experience and provide the standards when talking place in a meeting or even when being offered the job! Thank you for the opportunity to be able to work online and learn more information about the travel industry during this difficult time! It has allowed me to learn new things as well as gaining more experience!

Lauren Taylor

I have completed 1-4 Learn2BeaRep and Learn2Book.

I learnt a lot of new information that I haven't been taught at College. It's great see how many points and badges I have achieved.

I think the Travel Training Academy is an excellent platform for students to expand their knowledge on the Travel and Tourism industry. There are many courses that you can do to choose from.

Holly Barnes

Just completed cabin crew level 3 course.

Loved learning new skills

An effective way to learn new things and new skills

lili jelenka

Just finished Learn to check in level 3

learning all about the check in process for airlines

its very good


Learn2book level 4

What i enjoyed most was the videos of how an actual booking system works as well as learning all the skills a travel agent has which will help me in the future as I would like to work in the travel and tourism industry as a travel agent

I'm really enjoying all the courses I have done so far and it has shown me what each career path has in store as well as learning new skills and gaining more knowledge as each course goes on.

Laura May Revell

Just finished learn to check in

It was fun and interactive and a great way to learn

joshua stobbs

New2Crew master class

the course was so in depth

great way to learn

Joshua Stobbs

Just finished the Travel agents course.

Enjoyed getting challenged and learning about each course and what it involves.

It’s a brilliant way to see what goes on in the life of these job roles. You will learn all about them and get tested with questions to keep your mind stimulated. They are very interesting and challenging to complete. It’s definitely worth it to complete the courses.

Rosie catron

I did the Travel and Tourism Hotel Rep course.

I loved the opportunity to get an insight in the jobs and lots of information

Full of information which is great for the future and what I can do for future jobs

Ellie Railton

Just finished the Holiday Rep course.

I loved learning about the jobs you would do as a holiday rep

I think it is a fantastic way to learn

Amber Sherwood

Just finished Learn2BeaRep Level 1

Amazing amount of detail to help with application forms!

Really useful information to help those wanting to work in the travel industry!

Savannah Aspin

I have just finished the Travel Agent course.

I loved filling out the customer enquiry forms and adding up the cost of the customers holidays.

I think it is a fantastic site to learn everything you need to work in the travel industry.

Amber Sherwood

Just completed Learn2becabincrew Level 1

I enjoyed everything about the course as it gave you a real insight into what it is like to be cabin crew.

I think it is really good to do when you have some spare time, it includes so much relevant information about the industry making it intriguing for all.

Elise Warden

I loved Learn2book!

What I enjoyed most was that the course had interactive parts and the topic was explained well.

Its very fun and makes learning easy

Elicia Mclaughlin