September 8


What is coming this autumn to the Travel Training Academy?


September 8, 2020

So, first up- hello everyone and welcome to back to what must go down as the strangest Autumn term in history!

The world is crazy right now isn’t it? And we are all facing such a myriad of challenges- whether it be teaching completely remotely, teaching in a blended sense with some online learning and some in-class teaching, teaching in a socially distanced class or teaching in a “bubble” – every one of these scenarios will bring its own unique range of challenges.

So, we want you to know that here at the Travel Training Academy, we have got your back!

We have been very hard at work over the summer. Because here in Scotland, the world was still pretty much in lockdown when we broke up for our summer break and many of us had our holidays cancelled.

This is where Kenny and I were supposed to be holidaying for two weeks…


… with a little side trip to…


But instead we ended up going to the Isle of Skye for 3 nights…

Me and Eddie in Skye

Now beautiful and all as it was (and it really, really was), we certainly couldn’t claim to have spent much time basking in the Mediterranean heat ha ha… 

So, Kenny and I have spent our summer creating LOTS of new content for the Travel Training Academy!

What have we created?

First up, Kenny has been working hard on creating new content for Learn2BeARep:

Learn2beaRep logo

Kenny has updated Learn2beaRep so that it covers all of the underpinning knowledge for :

  • NCFE Level 2 Award for Resort Representatives
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 extended National Diploma in Travel & Tourism (Unit 12 – Working Overseas)
  • SQA – Tour Guiding & Resort Representation

So, if you are not seeing your students for a “normal” face to face delivery then you can be assured that our course covers everything you need to cover (and you can easily track what your students are doing).

Even if you are seeing students face to face Learn2beaRep can enhance your delivery. You could, for example, use our course to get your students cover the dry theory parts in their own time – legislation for example – not exactly the easiest thing to make interesting. This then releases time in your class which you could use to help your students to develop their welcome meeting and airport transfer skills – arguably a far most valuable use of your time.

You can find out more about Learn2beaRep at 

And what have I been doing whilst Kenny has been working hard on Learn2BeARep?

Only joking!

Although, since I’ve been back to teaching, I have been googling to try and find a wine glass this big; not had any luck yet!

But no, I have also been hard at work!

So, what have I been up to?

Well, I’ve been working mainly on our aviation courses. Fist up, Learn2BeCabinCrew:

Learn2beCabinCrew Logo

I have recently updated two sessions of Learn2BeCabinCrew, so they now include content on:

  • Different types of standby
  • Refuelling procedures with passengers on-board
  • Dealing with seating discrepancies
  • Ground staff cabin crew interact with
  • Customer Relationship Marketing.

However, rather than adding new content to existing sessions, I have been working on a whole load of new sessions of Learn2BeCabinCrew.

What are these completely new sessions?

  • Airline safety
  • Airline security 
  • Airline first aid
  • Airline paperwork 

We are also adding in new end of level tests for each level of Learn2BeCabinCrew.

You can check out Learn2BeCabinCrew at:

In addition, I have been working on a whole new course. 

Yep, you read that correctly- a whole new course!

It’s called LearnAboutAviation:

LearnAboutAviation logo

It’s a course all about aviation (I know, its name gave it away a bit!) and is a good course for those who are studying aviation for the first time.

So, what’s included in this new course?

It has six sessions, and these include:

  • Types of airlines
  • Types of aircraft
  • Services and facilities on-board
  • Key airline alliances
  • GMT, flying times, jet lag and weather.
  • Working in aviation

This course will be a great grounding in aviation, and you can then encourage your students to move on and complete either Learn2BeCabinCrew or Learn2CheckIn knowing they have all the basics in place!

Anything else in the pipeline?

Well, yes!

We are also in the process of adding new content to Learn2CheckIn.

What new content is being added?

We are adding a new session to Learn2CheckIn on Passports and Visas as well as adding new content to current sessions.

We have also recently added end of level tests for all levels of Learn2CheckIn.

You can find out more about Learn2CheckIn at:

In addition, to this, we are creating another new course!

Yep, this new course is:

And, this new course will include sessions on:

  • How does an airport work?
  • Jobs at an airport
  • A passenger’s outbound journey
  • A passenger’s inbound journey
  • Safety at an airport
  • Security at an airport

And it is based around our very own (fictional) airport, Milo International:

Anything else in the works?

Yep, and this time it’s all about Learn2Book:

Learn2Book logo

So, what changes are we planning here?

  • Turning our current customer service, selling skills and customer complaint workbook into an online course!
  • Adding a session on customer feedback, the importance of customer feedback and the best way to gather this feedback (both on and offline)
  • A session covering customer buyer motives, the relationship between customer service and selling and the best ways to offer after sales service.

And, as we are such fans of realism here at the Travel Training Academy, all of the above will be created in the context of Travelicious, our very own (fictional) travel agent!

Travelicious logo

You can find out more about Learn2Book by visiting:

So, why are we creating all this new content?

Well, the answer to that is simple!

It allows you to use the Travel Training Academy secure in the knowledge that all the underpinning knowledge in our mapping documents will be included within our courses, so you can tick it off your (no doubt!) very extensive to-do list!

Now, I know your burning question is:


And I would love to give you a definitive answer, but instead I am going to offer you up my timetable and the order I am planning on doing this in!

I am going to focus on one course at a time and as I have done a lot of work on our aviation courses over the summer, they appear up the top of my list!

So, the order I will complete all  the above is:

  • Learn2CheckIn
  • Learn2BeCabinCrew
  • LearnAboutAviation
  • LearnAboutTheAirport
  • Learn2Book

My plan is to have Learn2CheckIn and Learn2BeCabinCrew completed by the end of this month.

I then plan to have LearnAboutAviation completed by the end of October.

LearnAboutTheAirport and Learn2Book will be hopefully be completed by the end of November.

So, that’s what I am planning on doing!

But as we’ve seen in 2020 so far, the best laid plans… !

Ultimately, what we have shared with you today is our “master plan” for Autumn.

As soon as we add new content to the courses, we will be sure to let you know!

And as soon as all this new content is added, we will update our mapping documents accordingly.

But please believe us when we say we are working tirelessly to bring you this new content to help ensure that the Travel Training Academy has got your back, whether you are back in the classroom or still working remotely (or even a combination of both!).

Sorry, I’ve gone on a bit, but thought it would be useful to let you see what our plans are for the next few months!

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments at all, please stick them below.

Speak soon

Pauline x

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