September 2


Travel Training Academy courses work on all devices


September 2, 2020


You will be delighted to hear that this is a much shorter blog than usual!

In this blog I wanted to talk to you about the many ways your students can access the Travel Training Academy from home.

Since lockdown, we have been truly astonished at the number of different devices students have been using, so just in case you encounter any questions about whether the courses will run on a particular device, we have produced this guide for you.

At the start of lockdown, I spoke to Alexandra who works at TalentLMS, the learning management system we use to host our courses. Alexandra said TalentLMS must deal with over 10,000 different device and browser combinations, so we know there are a LOT of combinations out there!

So, first up- PC’s and laptops.

Does the Travel Training Academy run on web-enabled PC’s and laptops? As the courses are web-based, the answer is a very big emphatic YES! We recommend anyone using a PC or laptop to use the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome to run the courses.

So, what about tablets and phones?

Well, without being too technical, all of courses are written in HTML5 which means they are completely enabled for mobile devices.

We must admit, we have been very surprised at the number of students who have been using the courses on their tablets and their phones. Tablets I get, but phones? But then, that may be more of a statement on my old eyes than anything else!

When I spoke to Alexandra about using mobile devices, one thing she stressed was the importance of using the TalentLMS app when accessing the courses on a mobile device as this overcomes many of the many issues that may be encountered otherwise.

The TalentLMS app can be downloaded- free of charge- from either the Apple App store or any Android app store.

The app looks like this:

The TalentLMS App looks like this

When your students go to log-in for the first time, they will be asked for their domain.

This is the web address I sent you when you signed-up.

It will look like something like this:

Once they have entered their domain, they simply log-in using their username and passwords.

And, once logged in, they will have access to all their courses.

Being very nosey, I thought I would have a quick try out of our courses using a mobile device!

So, I downloaded the TalentLMS app on my iphone and my ipad (yep, Apple have truly sucked me in!)

And I was very pleasantly surprised.

The courses worked well on my phone, although I did struggle with the size of the text- although this probably has a lot more to do with my afore-mentioned old eyes!

I have attached a couple of videos below to show you how it looks. The first one is me completing a session on my ipad…

This was the course on my iPad

The second one is me completing a session on my iphone…

This was on my iPhone

So, that’s us covered all the devices right?

Well, not quite.

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Louise from Gateshead College got in touch with the very exciting news that students can also use their games consoles to access our courses!

Yep, so if they are at home with an X-box or a PlayStation, they can turn these into their very own PC’s!

So, how does this work?

Well according to Len from Gateshead College (who teaches gaming, so I’m inclined to trust him!), these gaming machines have inbuilt browsers, just like Google Chrome (except more limited). All your student needs to do is plug a keyboard and mouse into the device and they can use it like a big PC!

This could be really useful for students who don’t have a laptop at home as they can buy a keyboard and mouse quite cheaply from somewhere like Amazon.

For more details on how to use a keyboard and mouse with a PlayStation, you can check out this article:

And if you want to know how it’s done with an Xbox, you can find details at:

Every day’s a school day isn’t it?

So, I hope you found this blog helpful.

Any questions at all, please stick them in the comments or send me an email-

Speak soon

Pauline x

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