Fancy doing an airport check-in?

You know how we love realistic training, so first up, we offer your students a job as a Passenger Service Agent (PSA) with our very own (fictional!) airport ground-handling company- Jet Air Services.  And we get them to work doing check-ins straight away! 

So, what do they cover on this course? 

Maybe easier to ask what they don't! 

Everything below is included in Learn2CheckIn: 


What an insane amount of content isn't it? 

There are over 25 sessions!  And, even better, we've worked to ensure that your students will learn eveything they would need to know whilst working as a Passenger Service Agent- so whatever scenario they will encounter working at an airport, they'll know how to deal with it! 

As with all of our courses, Learn2CheckIn is completely online, so your students can access it anywhere they have web access and on any device. 

So, a great advantage of Learn2CheckIn is that you can get your students to complete all of the theory at home (and you can check to see if they have done it!) and you can then do all the practical (and fun!) stuff in the classroom! 

And, that's not all! 

Learn2CheckIn also comes with a massive range of downloadable resources to use with your students. 

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