We are giving your students yet another job!

This time as a trainee front office assistant at the superlative Mondrago Kensington. 

And our hotel even has it's own website...

Hotel Kensington

It's pretty swanky isn't it? 

 True story- we get at least one email enquiry every week requesting to book a room at the Mondrago Kensington, despite the website stating the hotel is completely fictional! Even had one girl enquiring if she could book one of our deluxe rooms for her wedding night! 

 Though, when you see the room, you can kind of understand why... 

Hotel room

And your students get to work here in reception...

Hotel recption

Ok, enough already! Learn2BookARoom was written specifically for FE in conjunction with hospitality experts. Look at what's included:

What's included with Learn2BookaRoom

So, whether you need your students to make a reservation, change a reservation, check-in guests, add traces to their in-house profile, post a range of charges, deal with messages, check-out guests early, close the cashier or more- it's all there in Learn2BookaRoom. 

And, to make your students' learning even more realistic, Learn2BookaRoom comes with plastic keycards and keycard wallets to make these role-plays come to life... 

room key
Hotel Info
Key card holder

Learn2BookaRoom also includes a range of online workbooks for those new to front office operations. So, if they need to understand how hotel reservations work, how hotels are organised, how to deal with guest problems or how front office accounting works- we've got it covered! 

 We also have a range of guest scenarios including a guest breaking a VERY expensive TV, evidence of illegal drug use and theft from the room- eeek! Your students- whilst working at the Hotel Mondrago Kensington- will have to confront them and it's not going to be easy! 

And then we have the resources and you are not going to believe your eyes when I show you what's included... 

Resources for Learn2BookaRoom

I know- it's incredible isn't it? 

 There are so many amazing activities in there that I KNOW your students are going to LOVE. Instagram tour of London anyone? What about creating a launch event to introduce the hotel's new partnership with the UK's key travel influencers?

 Or the hotel has just been given the green light for a new roof terrace and your students get to create the design! Or, a guide to staying sustainable that is given out to new guests?

 Or what about re-designing our spa brochure? Or what about producing a brochure for small weddings- one of the latest key trends? And, as we are an eco-friendly hotel, all of our brochures are digital! What an exciting way of developing your students' all-important digital skills! 

 And, if this isn't exciting enough- we give you access to our Google photos. Stuffed full of high-quality photos that are royalty free, your students can take on the professionals! Check out some of the images available... 

Hotel Interior
Hotel Interior
Hotel Interior

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