Learn2Book- our tour operators reservation simulator 

As ever, we are offering your students a wee job! This time, they get to be trainee travel agents with Travelicious, our very own (fictional!) travel agency!  

Here at Travelicious, we sell lots of package holidays offered by Parasol Holidays. Remember them? Yep, they are the tour operator that Cara is now repping for and your students met in Learn2BeARep.! 

Well, Parasol Holidays are specialists to the island of Majorca, so we are going to train your students on Parasol Holidays Reservation System (known as PARS!) 

Learn2Book also comes with a full-colour Parasol Holidays Summer Sun brochure... 

And, for those of you who are using specifications with pricing panels, supplements and reductions, we can help! 

Learn2Book introduces your students to a range of customers all looking for different holidays. So, we ask them to complete a Customer Enquiry Form (either online or hand-written- the choice is yours!), before heading off to make the booking for them...

And the great thing is that they can do a range of different bookings covering children, infants, flight only, last minute deals and allocation on arrival, to name a few! 

And, that's not all! 

As ever, we have an incredible array of resources available for you to use... 

There is a range of Travelicious stationary to help make learning even more realistic. But the real star of the show is our 68 page (yes, you read that right!)  Travelicious Customer Service, Selling Skills and Complaints workbook... 

Stuffed full of case studies, activities and role-plays, it's the perfect addition to your classroom. 

And, it comes with a tutor version with all the answers included, as we promised you'd have no extra work and we meant it! 

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