Fancy meeting Cara?

She's going to teach your students all they need to know about being a holiday rep!

Cara at her desk

Cara dreams of being a holiday rep., so she decides to apply for a repping position with Parasol Holidays, our (fictional!) tour operator. Your students can help Cara with her application and apply alongside her with our fillable .pdf.  So, when they are ready to apply for real, they'll have all the relevant details to hand- clever huh? 

 Hooray- Cara has been successful with her application and has now been invited to an assessment day... 

And with your students on hand to guide her through her assessment day, she smashes it and before you know it, she's off to Majorca for her training week, with her new mate, Joe... 

Where they encounter Andrea, the (somewhat scary!) Area Manager for Parasol Holidays and lead trainer for the week. Wow, what a lot of content they (and your students!) have to cover before they can become fully-fledged reps.

Let's hope they make it and nothing untoward happens during their training week... 

Andrea area manager

Well, Cara has made it through her training, but Joe seems to have fallen by the wayside! Wonder what happened? 

Cara's success

So, Cara is now out in Cala D'or for her first week of repping. Luckily, she has your students on-hand to help her as she's in for a VERY bumpy ride with many problems to solve. Just as well she's just completed that very extensive training course as she's going to need EVERYTHING she's learned to make it through! 

 As will your students, because when Cara doesn't know what to do, she's going to turn for your students for advice! 

Wow- your students are going to be kept busy! 

 And, if that's not enough, Learn2BeARep also includes a massive range of downloadable resources... 

So, your students can apply for a repping job, just like Cara! And, even better, if you decide their application has been successful, you can use the included emails to invite them to an assessment day. AND, everything you need to host an assessment day is included as well! 

Even better, we've given you access to all of the relevant Parasol Holidays paperwork, so your students can complete it alongside Cara- or you can use your own scenarios! 

One of the great benefits of the Travel Training Academy is that you can get your students to complete all of the theory at home (and check they've done it!) and free more time in the classroom for doing fun stuff like putting together an information book... 

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