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Developed by Further Education Lecturers for Further Education Lecturers

The Travel Training Academy is the UK's only online portal specifically designed to support Further Education & 6th Form College Lecturers teaching travel, tourism, aviation and hospitality.

Increasing workload and a lack of time means that it can sometimes be difficult to develop the teaching resources you really want

Here are just some of the challenges we all face in Further Education today:

- Increasing admin & not enough prep time
- Limited budget for buying resources 
- Industry requirements to use technology
- Difficulty keeping resources up to date
- Engaging students in "dry" subjects
- Difficulty in engaging students outside college

- Improving students employability
- Dealing with poor student attendance
- A constantly changing curriculum
- Understanding the impact of technology 
- Dealing with Lecturer absences (please takes)
- Out of date technology in your college

The Travel Training Academy can help you deal with these issues

12 years ago we developed Learn2Book.  It was a viewdata system specifically for colleges and for the first time students were able to book package holidays exactly as they would in a travel agent.  Since then we have continually expanded our products and now have simulators for the airport, airline, hotel and tour operation sectors.  All of these resources have been specifically designed for Further Education and will help your students to understand how what you cover in the classroom relates to the travel industry.  

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Take a look at the  resources

The Travel Training Academy allows you and your students to easily access all of our courses and resources via a simple to use online portal


Our online system will allow your students to book package holidays exactly as they would in a travel agent


Our check-in systems will allow your students to check-in passengers exactly as they would at the airport


Let your students take an online course that replicates the same course that all new cabin crew complete when they start with an airline.  It's incredibly detailed and realistic and will really engage your students 


An online course that allows your students to check in and manage guests at a major hotel - exactly the same way that they would do so if they were working at a leading hotel.  You can view our hotel here 


This online course mirrors the entire recruitment process of a large tour operator. It then covers the exact training that a Holiday Rep receives in resort at the start of the season

Downloadable Resources
100's of downloadable resources

Over the last decade we have developed 100's of high quality, engaging downloadable resources that can be used as stand alone activities with your students or integrate brilliantly with all of our courses

How the Travel Training Academy works

Four simple steps to get up and running with students


Step 1: Accessing the academy.

When your college signs up to the Travel Training Academy you'll be given a unique web address.  This will be your college's very own version of the Travel Training Academy.  The image below shows what your Travel Training Academy page would look like and of course "Your College" would be replaced with your college's actual name. You'll be given a user name and password and you can access the academy from anywhere at any time.

The Travel Training Academy at your college

"Your College" will be replaced by your college's actual name 


Step 2: Signing up your students

It's so simple.  Just give the students your unique web address.  They go to the page and sign up.  If they forget their password (and some of them will) they simply click on the forgot password link - there is no work for you.  Your students can access the Travel Training Academy from any location within or outside your college  24 hours a day 365 days a year


Step 3: Use the academy to support your delivery 

How you use the academy is entirely up to you.  You can encourage students to use it at home on their own.  You can use it with them in a class and build your lesson around it.  You could flip your lesson so, for example, get them use Learn2beaRep at home or in the library in their own time to learn how to do a welcome meeting. You could then spend the limited time you have with them in the class watching them and helping them improve the delivery of that welcome meeting. There are dozens of different ways that you can use the academy and our downloadable resources are full of amazing ways to support you when you use the academy with your students


Step 4: Watch your students engage as they earn certificates and badges

All of our courses and resources have been designed with love and care over the last 10 years.  Just like you, we know exactly the kind of material and activities that engage Further Education students and we've included them all in the academy. For example imagine just how engaged your students could be if they got to check-in a passenger exactly as they would at the airport (which they can with Learn2CheckIn).  We use the latest "gamification" techniques which award your students points and badges when they login and complete activities.  Gamifiction is used with online teaching resources to keep students motivated and engaged.  At the end of each course your students will also automatically receive a printable certificate

Look at what past students have to say about our courses

Over the last ten years thousands of students have successfully completed  the online courses available in The Travel Training Academy. We use the latest techniques to ensure your students will be engaged and enjoy their learning.

Debbie Dillon

Glasgow Clyde College

Realistic Training

“Having completed my work placement in TUI, I liked how Learn2Book was so like the reservation systems which are used in travel agents.

Learn2Book was very easy to understand as each session had a very detailed introduction. I liked the course a lot and felt I learned loads about making package holiday bookings

Robyn Washington


Easy to use

"The software used is amazing and the communication is very clear. It is easy to understand as it takes you through a step by step process. There are tips on how to pass your telephone/video interviews, assessment days, final interviews and of course how to write that impeccable CV! And lots lots more."

Adrian Wheatland 


Help land the job

"I believe that if you are confident with your CV, photos and overall appearance for the open day, you will have the confidence you need to pass the rest of the recruitment process and I recommend Learn2beCabinCrew to ALL aspiring cabin crew who dream of working for Emirates, as it assists you in gaining that vital confidence you need!"

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can the Travel Training Academy be used to support such a wide range of qualification levels? 

How easy is the Travel Training Academy to use? 

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On a personal note..

"Over 12 years ago we started developing travel software simulators because we were both uncomfortable sending our students out to the world of work without hand-on experience of reservation systems.

Today the travel and aviation industries are totally dominated by technology and we remain committed to our original ethos that F.E college students should get hands on access to the systems that they will use when they start working."

Pauline Park - Co-founder Travel Training Academy

Kenneth Park - Co-founder Travel Training Academy